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The Roots

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The story

Born in May 2016, efaisto is a brand for those who are determined to change the rules of fashion and the system.

Because they are produced in a workshop by independent craftsmen, all of our collections are made by hand. In the past, this was a luxury. Now it’s a standard of quality and authenticity that everyone should request. All items are made exclusively on-demand, with only 1 to 100 units availableper design. This is the nature of ultra-limited edition. It’s the core of individual expression through style.

Because efaisto is the only link between the workshop and your hangers, efaisto hacks the system IRL. The makers who work with us have total control of their workshops and production. For them, we are a customer like any other. They don’t need us. We need them, and they have the power. Together, we’ve built a model that can be replicated worldwide, endlessly. Our goal is to settle and spread a benevolent virus in the fashion industry.

The Gang

Ms Doàn, leatherworker

It was on her return from her studies abroad that Ms.Doàn decided to set up her own studio in her native town.

More about the craftsman

Bernard, cofounder

Enable the masses to get handmade articles from professional craftsmen, this is the vision which guided Bernard to start working on the efaisto project.

Mr Trân, cobbler

For more than 70 years, the Trân family has been making handmade shoes from father to son.

More about the craftsman

Mr Nguyên, tailor

Being a tailor's son, Mr.Nguyen has opened his own workshop when his father decided to retire.

More about the craftsman

Lou, cofounder

Cut off the middlemen of the fashion industry to allow every party to gain satisfaction, this is the reason why Lou engaged himself in efaisto.

Ms Ly, tailor

At age 18 she was the assistant of a master tailor., it's been 30 years now that Ms Ly is making shirts.

More about the craftsman

Elsa, punchlines conceptor

To make you discover our brand. And make you addicted to our items at first glance, she knows how to find the words.

Ms Pham, leatherworker

Ms Pham was trained in leather work because of her passion for the quality of handmade leather goods.

More about the craftsman

Mr Lê, leatherworker

Self-taught, he began to work on leather because he was driven by passion, and it’s thanks to his talent that he remained in business.

More about the craftsman

Van, Craftsmen recruiter

Placed between the craftsmen gang and the style dealers, Van recruits the best craftsmen and their most stylish items.

Ms Dâng, leatherworker

After discovering leather in her previous job, it is the sense of detail of Ms Dâng that allowed her to train in leather craftsmanship successfully.

More about the craftsman

Khai, digital development

Make a reality, this totally justifies his membership to the Gang.

Mr Nguyên, leatherworker

For Mr.Nguyen it wasn’t planned but it’s when he was a student that Mr. Nguyen fell in love with leather. The romance, over the years, has led him to become a leatherworker.

More about the craftsman

Mr Dô, leatherworker

Mr Dô originally started his career as an engineer, but Mr. Dô learned his new job as a leather craftsman with rigor and passion.

More about the craftsman

Yen, lookbook conceptor

Put down on paper the design of our collections and the every details of all models of our makers, it’s an average day in Yen’s agenda.

Ms Phan, leatherworker

In her workshop in the heart of Saigon, Madame Phan loves leather but also the freedom that the handmade business gives her.

More about the craftsman

Hung, social media agitator

Write 140 characters, a fruitful job. Or not. Hung does much more than that he allows efaisto to collection little hearts and comments on the web.

Mr Hà, leatherworker

Mr. Hà originally studied art , but he wanted to concentrate on leather work, after graduating from the “Saigon College of Art Culture”.

More about the craftsman

André, Gang/Customer facilitator

He knows all your orders, from the stage of production to delivery etc. André is always operational for your requests.

Craftsmen’s gang

Efaisto is not only a brand, it's a mission:

To put the power back into the hands of those who produce.

To make this ambition a reality we have developed a network of independent craftsmen:

The Craftsmen’s Gang.

First of all:

They are the masters of their workshop, specifications, and profits.

Their workshop has:

The craftsmen source their materials how they please and their production rate varies from one to another. In this sense, efaisto adapts its demand to what’s on offer, and doesn’t interfere with the planning or finances of the craftsmen:

For them Efaisto is a customer like any other.

This concept implies that we grow hand in hand, with mutual trust as the foundation of this partnership. We pay for every item we want to commercialize at a price set by the craftsman himself:

We unite in a relationship stripped of all power-dependence and coercion.

And the craftsmen produce the items the day they receive an order. This concept guarantees that there will be: No stock, no overproduction, and no waste.

Style dealers, defined

Efaisto designs its collections in collaboration with the craftsmen’s gang. They are implicated in every decision we make, this allows us to create style with a sincere respect for who they are and what they do.

On one hand we offer our customers rare and unique articles designed by efaisto or discovered and curated from the craftsmen’s own collections. Everything that you’ll find in our shop is certified handmade by professional makers well-known locally and recognized by efaisto.

And on the other hand, we enable the craftsmen of the gang to diversify their clientele beyond local and international borders without any manipulative stipulations.


Suivi rapide et efficace, commande conforme aux demandes, très belle et bonne qualité !


I love this bag. I chose to have it made in grey though, not pink. The attention to detail is great... Its high quality leather and craftsmanship means its going to last me a long time. I asked for a specific sized innerpocket for my computer,and Lea was extremely precise, it fits like a glove! I'm very happy with this product.


It is my first online purchase and it s been a great experience.The shoes arrived after 10 days and fit perfectly.The quality looks also very good. Go for it!!


Très gai de pouvoir personnaliser un produit comme celui-ci. Très sympa le message qui annonce son arrivée avec une photo du produit, ainsi que le petit mot qui l'accompagne à la livraison. Mon produit est arrivé très vite et je l'adore !


Les partenaires

Si Alexandre Lacazette est l'attaquant de l'OL, il est aussi le défenseur du gang.

Voici les couleurs d'efaisto qu'il porte fièrement, une chemise pour afficher son soutien à notre marque.

The future

Efaisto is searching for Parisian craftsmen to join the Gang in October 2017.


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