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A century ago, shopping looked very different. But with the age of industrialization came the norm of sweatshops that prioritized making a few extra cents over the welfare of people and the environment. We aim to depart from the mass production and marketing of today and return to that shopping experience that imports people and sustainable practices. We believe that humanity is rapidly reaching the limits of industrial production and a more socially-conscious solution is imperative.

Efaisto envisions a world where products answer to our individual aesthetics and personalities. At Efaisto we are certain the best way to make these products accessible to everyone is by connecting you directly to the maker.

Our passion

Efaisto started with a splendid white dress shirt made by a smiling tailor in a Ho Chi Minh City alley. Beyond the singular experience of wearing a tailor-made garment for the first time, it was the direct purchase from its maker and the potential for a more sustainable solution that was the trigger for the creation of this company.

We hate shopping malls and we love buying unique items. We are fascinated by quality objects and the stories behind them. We have a passion for craft and skill and the people that possess true talent. We value ambitions and dreams and are thrilled by turning them into realities.

Our community

We work hard to find and support the best makers and help them to spread their craft to both traditional and new markets. Those who use our services are the engine of our growth and the purpose of our work. Become a part of the Efaisto community and start loving the new way people shop!

Bernard Founder
Lou-adrien Founder
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