Help us to change the way people shop.

We just embarked in an exciting journey with grandiose ambitions and we are looking for bright minds and singular characters to join our team. If you value having a rewarding and meaningful impact on an industry that is waiting to be disrupted, join us and we will write the story of Efaisto together.

The list of open positions is available here.

Below are a few hints as to what kind of skills we are generally looking for;

Full-time positions

  • Fashion procurement manager:
  • Digital marketing strategist.

Internships / Part-time

  • Digital marketing: can you sell that pen... in less than 140 characters? 
  • Customer development: they will love you.
  • Content curation: make nice things nicer.
  • Craft lovers: treasure hunters for makers.
  • Front-end developer: fancy the loading animation? 
  • Back-end developer: we need more features.
  • The-one-we-need-but-don't-know-it-yet.

For more information about current opportunities, have a look at the open positions.

What's next? Just reach out to [email protected] explaining why we need you.

Just. Do. It.