How does work?

Efaisto facilitates transactions between the makers and purchasers  of unique items. We open up  access to quality custom-made products by connecting people around the world to skilled artisans from Southeast Asia. We have built Efaisto so  the user’s experience closely mirrors a visit to the craftsman's workshop, whilst using the convenience of the internet.

  1. You find a really nice shirt, bag, wallet, pair of shoes or any other product on

  2. Click on “Customize” and start experiencing a new way of shopping for clothes and accessories: just as if you were in his boutique workshop, your personal craftsman is at your service for a 100% custom order, handmade just for you. Pick the kind of material, color, detail and size that fits your taste. Alternatively, if you like the original you can order the exact same, or can change just one or two details. It’s totally up to you.

  3. Proceed through to our secure checkout, and you are done.

  4. Receive your custom-made, handmade product a couple of weeks later.

  5. Enjoy it for the years to come.

On the maker’s side, we help them to focus on what they do best; crafting great products that delight their savvy customers.

  1. We help them to create their profile on where they are then  available to a huge potential customer base that was previously inaccessible.  

  2. They decide on the price of each product they make and 100% of that goes straight into  their pocket. We add our fees on top of their price to offer you the best shopping experience and to assist with the transaction. All this is transparent on each product page.

  3. They receive the detailed  orders, make them on demand following your instructions, and then we carry out  a thorough  quality check before shipping it to you.

  4. We love receiving reviews from our devoted customers. We can share them with the maker’s too, so please share your experience with us!

Who am I buying from?

Technically speaking, Efaisto is just a site. Therefore, the maker is the sole vendor who you are buying directly from. Click on “See profile” in the upper left corner of the product page to discover their story and all the other amazing products they can make.

Efaisto selected the makers carefully to create an online community of passionate, talented artisans, so we are certain that you will be delighted by your Efaisto experience. For more information on the legal aspects around the transaction, refer to the terms and conditions.

What can I buy on

The makers selling on Efaisto are individuals who craft custom-made products only, so each item is made on demand. The tailors, leather makers and shoe makers of our community do not have large production sites, minimum order quantities nor canevas to follow. In essence, each bespoke product has to be cut, sewn, dyed, engraved, polished or coated individually by human hands. Currently shirts, bags, wallets and shoes are available. Let us know which products you would like to see on Efaisto next by contacting us.

What is slow fashion?

Slow fashion is a combination of ecological and ethical principles. At Efaisto, we focus at first on the ethical part, by empowering the makers. But it has also environmental impacts. As each product is made on demand, there is no unsold stock and minimal material waste. Also, because the products are top quality and personalised to you, its life cycle is longer than in the fast fashion industry.

How much does the maker earn on each transaction?

As the sole vendor, makers are in full control of their pricing.  They determine their selling price with total visibility on the exact value repartition of the transaction. We hate hidden fees so we do our best to show the total, final amounts makers receive so that they know exactly how much goes into their pocket.

You can see this too on each product page. The difference covers payments, logistics and Efaisto’s processing fees. Our  ambition is to invert the standard 5% - 15% of product value traditionally left to manufacturers by global brands.

Is it safe?

We carefully select  the makers that sell on our platform. Each of them follow a thorough assessment process that focuses on the technical quality of their work as well as the overall satisfaction of their previous customers.

We have  a review system to allow customers to give their feedback and share it with future customers.

Should you have any concerns about a future or past purchase, contact us and we will answer your enquiry as fast as we can.

Neither the makers nor us have access to your payment information. Our secure payment portal ensures that your money is always in the right hands and that your information is safe.

What about the taxes and Custom fees?

Some countries may require import tax, duties and related Customs fees for imports. These costs are not covered by payments made to us. As a marketplace, we don’t manage the taxes and administrative costs. Most of the time the artisans won’t do it either, as it changes from one country to another, and from one product to another. These charges, if applicable, are determined and charged by the Customs office of the destination country. For further details of charges, please contact your local Customs office directly.

What happens if something goes wrong?

When you purchase something, there is always a risk of being disappointed. We do all we can to try and avoid this from happening to you when you’re buying from a maker on Efaisto. As the products were made just for you, makers are generally unable to take them back. Fortunately, all makers selling on the platform adhere to a standard conflict resolution policy which is summarized below;

- If the maker made a minor mistake they will either help to have it fixed at their expense, or let you keep the product and receive a refund equivalent to 30% of the defect product value.

-If the maker made a major mistake they will either help to have it fixed at their expense, or let you keep the product and receive a refund equivalent to 100% of the defect product value.

That's right, you keep the product and you even get your money back! That's how confident we are that you will love using Efaisto.

We help to enforce this policy at all times to avoid potential miscommunication between the makers and yourself. Just get in touch with us here. Make sure to mention your order reference.

For more information about the conflict resolution policy, please consult our terms and conditions

How can I help?

If you are really pleased with your maker’s work, why don’t you just take a picture of you with your custom-made product and post it on our Facebook page or Twitter with a thank you note for them? We love sharing  these  messages with them, and they love receiving them!. And don’t forget to post a review on the product page.

We would love to hear from you! Send us a message and we will answer as soon as we can.

Help us spread the word! Tell your friends and family why you love Efaisto. Each person you refer who joins the community will help us improve the experience for everyone. You can refer friends using our referral program: we give you $5 when your friend uses their $5 gift voucher.

You can also like our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter and Instagram and subscribe to our newsletters (in footer below) to stay in touch and keep updated.

How can I join?

As a user, create an account by clicking on one of the top right icons.

If you would like to sell on Efaisto as a maker, apply through footer menu (“Become a maker”), or just click here.

How does the Efaisto referral program work?

As soon as you sign up for an account at, you’ll be able to start sending your custom referral link to your friends using email, Facebook, and Twitter. When your friend signs up for an account using this link, they get a 10% discount for their first purchase over $15. Once that friend’s purchase is a success, we will then review the transaction for validity and credit $15 into your account. Bah-da-bing, bah-da-boom.

How long does it take to receive the referral credit?

It will take around 2-3 business days after your friend’s purchase is a success.

How do I use the referral credit?

You can apply your credit upon checkout by entering your custom voucher code.

Are there any restrictions to the referral program?

We want you to share your Efaisto story with as many people as possible. However, you can only refer Efaisto to friends that are new customers.

The Referred Customer must have a different name and email address, along with different billing and shipping information (name, address, phone numbers, payment method) from the Referrer.

Your friend must sign up via your unique link and not through other means and spend a minimum of US$15 on their first purchase to qualify for the 10% discount.

Efaisto can and will review all referrals at any time and refund any orders that have been placed through incorrect methods or have violated the terms and conditions.

Please note that you the referral discounts are not able to be combined with any other offers, including promocodes from third party sites.

Discounts cannot be used when purchasing gift cards. Full stop.

Efaisto reserves the right to suspend or terminate the Referral Program or a user’s ability to participate in the Referral Program at any time for any reason.

Any unclaimed referral rewards will be forfeited at that time.

Does my 10% off order made after creating my account need approval?

Yes, it may take up to a day to process. When it is approved you will receive an email. Until then, the order will be on hold.

What does "Efaisto" mean?

“Efaisto” was inspired from “Hephaistos”, the god of artisans, blacksmiths and craftsmen in Greek mythology. He was worshiped in all manufacturing centres as a powerful representation of the skills, dedication and unique expertise yielded by individuals that built things with their own hands. Ancient skills have become trendy again. We make craftsmanship competitive in an ultra-connected world. "Efaisto" is shorter, punchier, smoother for the tongue than the word from which it is derived, but it still carries its original meaning; the empowerment of the people that make what we wear.

Anything else?

Get in touch here.