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The Gift of Personalization

Treat them to a custom-tailored experience with clothes and shoes that are handmade Just For Them by the best artisans in Southeast Asia.

$50 $100 $200

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Introducing : The Gift of Personalization

A premium envelope containing everything they need to begin designing their own gear on Efaisto: a Measuring Guide, a Measuring Tape, and a Gift Card.

An Easy to Use Guide

A quick and simple guide that will show them how to measure and give precise instructions to the makers. Inspire them to start designing their own shoes, bags, shirts and wallets.

A Measuring Tape

Because nothing beats custom tailored. It’s all in the envelope.

I want it now

An envelope for a truly personal gift:

Guides that teach you how to size and customize.

A measuring tape.

A gift card.

Great! Sponsor most of a handmade wallet or a tailored shirt.

Amazing. Enough to receive a nice tailored shirt.

This is a full tailor-made experience to enjoy.